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During the very first Amstel Gold Race for Women in its new UCI-status (2017), the commentator at the scene – so not the guys on tv – annoyed me. He patronized the women at times during his otherwise funny comments on the race. He only knew facts about a handful of women, and he showed less vigor in his comments than when the men were racing. Somehow this all annoyed me greatly. And then it hit me: we live in the age of the internet. I might just as well do it myself. That’s how AllezLesFemmes.com was born. That, and that one race in 2016 at the Summer Olympics: the most amazing women’s race I’ve seen. Ever. And I haven’t even talked about the difference in prize money.

I chose the French ‘Allez Les Femmes!’ (Go Ladies!) because it’s an encouragement. That’s what I aim to do with this site. Women cyclists deserve the attention and I will encourage others to write along with me. My goal therefore is to support the cause from a editorial point of view. Basically, I want to write about women the way men are portrayed: heroic, stubborn at times, struggling, showing perseverance, and all that.

Opinions expressed on this site are my own. This isn’t an official news site or anything, I just post what I see on tv and websites and find worth telling.

About me


Me @ AGR 2017

First off, I’m no journalist. I’m just a fan of Women’s Cycling. I’m portraying my view on races, the riders, and so on. I’m actually in Software Product Management. Anyway. The love between me and cycling began way back 2011. It wasn’t love at first sight though. Not at all. I cursed a lot in the beginning :-). Now I ride my bike regularly, rides roughly between 30 and 120kms. I like watching cycling. If you know how the game is played, it is in fact thrilling to watch. 

This is actually quite an adventure for this Dutchie, writing about womens pro cycling with AllezLesFemmes.com. I’ve got some homework to do. Riders, Races, Teams, Rankings… I better get started! My main focus will be the road races, for now. I have to start somewhere. 🙂

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